Tuesday, March 22, 2016


My dearest Suzanne,

We did not keep in touch.   But you are a part of me, ingrained in the folds of my mind and heart. I love you Suzanne. Love, because I still do, will always.  It seemed impossible that you were at death's door.  The heart and spirit were too great.  Last we spoke, you said you had accepted your fate.  My breath caught somewhere and I could not speak. 

I recently and gratefully shared with you how beautiful you are to me.  You and your sister reflect your mom's beauty, thank heavens. You both have her laugh.  Your dad, my uncle, was a most impressive dude, but your beauty was your mom's.   Your spiritual beauty...that was something, seemed a part of your DNA. 

 I think of a memory of your mom putting on lipstick in the bathroom mirror and then blotting perfect lip shapes on a Kleenex. I would look at those perfect lips on the Kleenex after she had left. I later practiced and could never make perfect lip shapes. My favorite memory of your dad, when he stood guard for me against the copperhead family while I stacked firewood in my truck. Or maybe it was the time I confided I might need help and he showed up with one VERY impressive gun, that he politely put away when I asked.  But he was there.  He showed up.  Knowing your mom and dad is to know the two energies of inner spiritual beauty and brute courage that you and your sister have. 

Have a safe journey.  I can only imagine the homecoming. 

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