Monday, November 21, 2011

A Shadowbox of Warmth

Mama Franklin told me that they never knew of the great depression til it was over.  She wore her toboggan inside and outside along with her colorful handmade cotton dresses. She brought out the nice felt hats for going out and had those giant buttons on her best coats.

When winter goes into the single digits I put on her toboggan.  How much of the added degree of warmth that comes over me is from the truth that a hat will hold in added body warmth or that it is Mama Franklin's old burgandy tobaggan.  And I just now realized the subconcious (now conscious) reason I ride that old burgandy toboggan around in the back seat with me all winter. Maybe I should move it up to the passenger seat.

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Lucie Pollard Branham said...

Oh move that toboggan up to the front with you and I want to come along for the ride and feel her warmth and your warmth and all that love. Every time you write a story, I read and feel and every time you write a story my own world, expands. Thank you my friend.