Monday, August 8, 2011

Peace and Love

The dragonflies are swarming.  Its  comforting to be bombarded by hundreds of dragonflies when I go outside and in my mind they have nothing but my best interests in their little dragonfly hearts.  I got out before the asphalt melted this morning and mowed the grass.  Another forest fire in Suffolk, well first one there this year in Suffolk and wind blowing this way; so I took a preemptive allergy med to go outside.  I heard there were expected sun solar flares this week.   I'll blame the lack of tv reception on that.  I hardly ever call in the problem, cause its easier to turn the tv off.  I even kind of appreciate the lack of tv reception. 
How hot is it in Grandy this week?  So hot something in the a/c blew a gasket, got it fixed.  Mom and Jeannie coming in, expecting them any time.  Looking forward to the visit.  Mom is 80 plus years young, extremely stubborn, would rather fall out of the tub than put up a grab bar.  Still no grab bar and now I need it when I go visit.  I am never able to remember her exact age because she only began releasing it in the past few years.  After 80 years, now she is proud to tell everyone. 
All that said about stubborn, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.   It wouldn't have been the end of the world for me to listen,  for example.......the pink pedal pushers were her favorite.   Now she's hard of hearing and I can say some things in a normal/low tone that I'm not sure I should say and leave it to the gods if she hears me or not.   I love when she comes out to visit and we visit the beach and relax and eat mahi mahi and whatever words we want the sea breezes carry away, they do.   This week, unconditional love feels like warm salty air and healing sea breezes.     

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Lucie Pollard Branham said...

When the dragonflies swarm and tell stories, when
those we love are with us, when the sea carries away the words and unconditional love is the warm and salty air then life is only peace and love. You inspire me beyond words.