Tuesday, August 16, 2011

John Lennon

Its a perfect 80's day today, think I'll find something outside to do for the rest of the day like digging in the dirt.  Spent yesterday with repeated naps after 3 day work weekend and back to living today.   I cut off 3 pairs of slacks this morning for more shorts for any more global warmed days.  But if the remainder of the summer is like today..no worries. 
I momentarily feel withdrawn from the black and white of the world's right and wrong.    Its crossed my mind in recent days, "What would John Lennon say?" and I landed at YouTube link of an old BBC radio show,  "John Lennon Remembered".  Its comforting, an escape, not sugar coated, a deeper look into a mixed bag of psyche of one of the most interesting individuals in my lifetime...to me.  
Just discovered YouTube autoplay that let me begin with the first post and autoplay through the rest of the posts.    Link attempted here. 
John Lennon Remembered  

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Lucie Pollard Branham said...

The world would be a better place if we more of us thought and did what John Lennon would have done.